About Pure Story
The modern minimalistic interior in the center of Saint-Petersburg. The interior was created as a comfortable space reflecting dynamic life in a big city.

A completely revised floorplan gives a sense of openness. The entrance zone, living room, kitchen and loggia were connected for maximizing living space. The "Open-minded" layout makes way for natural light. Light is a main value in this area.

Architectural proportions and accurate geometry formed the basis for the design solution.

The original feature of "non-rectangular" entrance zone was stressed with right forms and floor designed geometry. Built-in storage systems were thought out to emphasize minimalistic style.

Light scenography was special request by clients. Different ways of evening lighting create a special atmosphere and introduce an element of a game.

Minimum decoration allows to focuse on the clean lines, ergonomic forethought and quality materials.

The pure interior was designed for the apartment of 126 square meters for a married couple in the center of the city. They travel a lot, value time, quality of life, comfort and simplicity.

The interior project "Pure story" was awarded Muse Design Award and was published in the Interior + Design Magazine.